Artist: The Organ

Date Released: May 25, 2004

Label: Mint

Produced By:


  1. Brother
  2. Steven Smith
  3. Love, Love, Love
  4. Basement Band Song
  5. Sinking Hearts
  6. A Sudden Death
  7. There is Nothing I Can Do
  8. I Am Not Suprised
  9. No Ones Has Ever Looked So Dead
  10. Memorize the City
  11. Untitled


So, what happens when five cute girls from Canada get together for a slumber party, but instead of doing each other’s hair and gossiping, they discuss the influential aspects of the Smiths and Throwing Muses while picking apart their songs on guitar, bass, etc (and I apologize for that chauvinistic assumption)? You get another hyped Canadian band that puts out a decent record chock full of 80s post-punk influences. Grab that Gun is the ladies of The Organ's first release, and it has come to much acclaim (as did their first EP, Sinking Hearts). The album is made up of reverb heavy, angular guitar lines, an underlying organ that plays as the counterpart to the bass line and Katie Sketch’s voice, that was simply made for the 80s post-punk era. An overall pretty good effort, but the band is still young and needs to develop their heavily influenced sound into their own. Michael Ardaiolo

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