Artist: The Ordinaires

Album: The Ordinaires

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: This one is by request—and also I was basically going to post a cut from this album soon anyway because I heard it yesterday for the first time after having it for quite a while—and it blew my goddamn mind. Most folks know the Ordinaires (NOT as I've previously seen, the Ordinaries; their name is a joke on the Jordanaires, and, well, man, if I gotta explain who the Jordinaires are to you, I'm just gonna be sad, so I'm just gonna silently link the Wikipedia page so that way you can silently educate yourself if you need it, and smile and nod when I bring them up later. And you can then see why Ween was shocked and amazed that they actually got them for their country record.) as the folks who did the backing instrumentation for the Lincoln version of "Kiss Me, Son Of God" by They Might Be Giants, and members of the Ordinaires have backed TMBG on other occasions as well (most frequently Kurt Hoffman). This is from their self-titled debut record, which originally came out in 1985 on a German label, but reissued in 1990 on The Label They Built, Bar/None. It's an amazing record of instrumental pop, and it's not much like what you're probably expecting from "Kiss Me, Son Of God". I actually found this in the dollar bin, and snapped it up, as I'd always been curious about their music—and man, it is outstanding. I think they've got one or two other albums, and man, I need to a) find out and b) pick them up post-haste. And if you come across any of their stuff, check it out. You will SO not be disappointed. Unless you're a jerk. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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