Grau zone ([ɡRɑutsɔ ː nə], German for "grey zone", both literally and figuratively) was a Swiss band from the first half of the 1980s which grew out of the group Gluamswith Marco RepettoStephan Eicher, Martin Eicher and G.T.

The biggest hit of Grau zone was "Eisbär" (1981), which won a twelfth place in the German charts. The Group was one of the pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Welle.

Stephan Eicher later had a successful solo career. Repetto is nowadays in the technoscene known as disc jockeymusician and producer. G.T. has withdrawn itself from the music world.



  • 1980-Moskau
  • 1981- Eisbär
  • 1982-"Träume mit mir
  • 1983-Moskau
  • 1986- Eisbär (as mini-cd)


  • 1981-Grau zone
  • 1991-Grau zone (as cd)
  • 1998-Sunrise Tapes (compilation recordings)
  • 2010-Grau zone 1980-1982 remastered (double cd)

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