Graverobber is a doom/sludge metal band and guitarist David Poole's solo project. The band was formed in mid-2007.




David Poole, about a year after forming Anonymos, wanted to do a solo project. He named it Graverobber, as it was supposed to be a horror punk band. A bit after, though, David lost intrest in horror punk, and Graverobber was left without a style.

A few weeks later, though, David downloaded a song by The Sword, and liking their style, he made Graverobber a doom/sludge metal band. There is still a horror punk influence, in the lyrics.

Pre-Recording Empty GravesEdit

The band will start pre-recording their debut album, Empty Graves, after Anonymos releases their first two albums, Self-Titled and Just Another Outtakes Album...NOT!!!.



Graverobber is a departure from David's other band, Anonymos. While Anonymos is hyper-fast with complex riffs and large amounts of experimentation, Graverobber is more in-your-face and straightforward. Graverobber is very slow-paced, but the riffs are insanely heavy and sludgey. That is combined with the overdriven, no-nonsense bass lines and some of the most aggressive drumming ever laid down on a recording track. The vocals help add a dark mood to each song, as David alternates between brutal death grunts, his strained voice, and shouting. The lyrics are reminiscent of horror punk, with gore being a theme. Overall, Graverobber is one of the heaviest, most pummelling, sludgiest doom metal band not on the market.


Graverobber has a myriad of influences. The Sword is the main influence, as Graverobber was formed off their style. The Misfits is the influence for the lyrical themes . Napalm Death is the influence for Davids strained voice.



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There are no current concert and tour schedules for the artist.


  • I am currently working on song ideas to be pre-recorded after Self-Titled and Just Another Outtakes Album...NOT!!! are released.




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  • Graverobber is a solo project.
  • Graverobber was originally a horror punk band, but they changed their style.
  • David Poole is part of Anonymos.


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