Greatest Hits is a compilation album released in November 2002 featuring the songs of Icelandic singer Björk. Although not all of Björk's singles are included on this collection, all of the songs on Greatest Hits were released as singles. The tracks were selected by fans through a survey on Björk's website. Greatest Hits presents the songs in descending order of most-popular votes, with the exception of "It's In Our Hands" which was a new song and appears at the end of the compilation.


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There were two online surveys preceding the release of Greatest Hits. The survey that gave the tracklist was one where fans voted for their favourite single-tracks. Another one was conducted simultaneously where fans could vote for their favourite of all her songs, albums tracks as well as B-sides. This sometimes is the cause for some confusion about the authenticity of the fan-selected tracklist concept because the results from the single-track survey doesn't always match with the overall survey. For example, "Hyperballad" was the song receiving most votes from Björk fans on the overall survey, but appears as the second track on Greatest Hits. The results of both surveys can be seen on Björk's website.[7]

Several of the songs are presented in their radio (or single) remixed forms, most notably "Big Time Sensuality" (the Fluke version featured in the promotional video, and not the shorter "Minimix" as featured on the single). "Possibly Maybe" includes the famous electronic sounds that were temporarily deleted off thePost version of the track, and "All Is Full of Love" is presented in its single version.

As with many greatest hits compilation albums, some of Björk's biggest singles were absent. The most obvious omission is "It's Oh So Quiet", her highest-charting UK hit. Also missing are "Alarm Call", "I Miss You", "Cocoon" and "Violently Happy" as well as any pre-Debut material.

The tracks "Human Behaviour", "Big Time Sensuality", and "Venus as a Boy" are taken from Björk's 1993 album Debut. "Play Dead" was originally released on the Young Americans movie soundtrack (1993) but was included on some editions of Debut.

"Hyperballad", "Army of Me", "Isobel", and "Possibly Maybe" are from the 1995 Post album. "All Is Full of Love", "Jóga", "Bachelorette", and "Hunter" are from her 1997 Homogenic album. Finally, "Pagan Poetry" and "Hidden Place" are found on her 2001 Vespertine album.

The artwork on the CD was produced in collaboration with Icelandic contemporary artist Gabríela Fridriksdóttir. It is the only one of Björk's album covers that includes both a logo and a title.

Greatest Hits was released on the same day as Björk's Family Tree box set, which contained a "greatest hits" disc on which the songs were chosen by Björk.Greatest Hits and the greatest hits "as chosen by Björk" have seven tracks in common.

The Greatest Hits album was also listed on Blender magazine's "500 CDs You Must Own".

Track listing[edit]Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "All Is Full of Love(Video Version) Björk Björk 4:46
2. "Hyperballad"   Björk Nellee Hooper, Björk 5:23
3. "Human Behaviour"   Björk, Hooper Hooper 4:14
4. "Jóga"   Björk, Sjón Björk, Mark Bell 5:04
5. "Bachelorette"   Björk, Sjón Björk 5:18
6. "Army of Me"   Björk, Graham Massey Hooper, Massey, Björk 3:57
7. "Pagan Poetry"   Björk Björk 5:14
8. "Big Time Sensuality(The Fluke Minimix) Björk Björk, HooperFluke(remix) 4:56
9. "Venus as a Boy"   Björk Hooper 4:41
10. "Hunter"   Björk Björk, Bell 4:16
11. "Hidden Place"   Björk, Guy Sigsworth, Bell Björk 5:28
12. "Isobel"   Björk, HooperMarius De Vries, Sjón Hooper, Björk 5:49
13. "Possibly Maybe"   Björk, Hooper, De Vries Hooper, Björk 5:07
14. "Play Dead"   Björk, David ArnoldJah Wobble Arnold, Danny Cannon 3:57
15. "It's in Our Hands"   Björk Björk, Drew Daniel 4:15
Total length: 72:19

Charts & Certifications[edit]Edit


Country Peak position Sales
Argentina 20,000
Australia 84[8]
Austria 64
Canada 50,000
Sweden 52
Switzerland 24
U.S. Billboard 200 115 170,000
U.S. BillboardTop Electronic Albums 2


Region Provider Certification(s)
Argentina CAPIF Gold[9]
Canada CRIA Gold[10]
United Kingdom BPI Gold[11]

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