Greatest Hits
Studio album by Alien Ant Farm
Released 1999
Genre Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge
Length 40:25
Label Self-Released
Alien Ant Farm chronology
Love Songs EP
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits is the independent 1999 debut by California based rock band Alien Ant Farm. Despite its name, it's not a compilation album. It was released on AAF's independent label Chick Music Records and won the 1999 L.A. Award "Best Independent album". As of now, it is avaible for free download on the AAF fansite "".


  1. These Days
  2. Pink Tea
  3. Movies
  4. Dole Roll
  5. Denigrate
  6. Solution Time
  7. S.S. Recoginze
  8. Nova Hands
  9. Universe
  10. Slick Theif


"Slick Theif" is an early version of there Michael Jackson cover of "Smooth Criminal". Tracks 4, 6, 8, and 9 were origonally from there Love Songs EP.

Later AppearancesEdit

A different version of "These Days" and "S.S. Recognize" would later appear on there 2003 album Truant. "Movies", "Nova Hands", "Universe", and "Slick Thief" would appear on AAF's first major label record, Anthology, "Slick Theif" would be named "Smooth Criminal". The person who recorded some of this album eventually died, and the track "Sleepwalker" from Up In The Attic was written about him.


  • Dryden Mitchell - Vocals
  • Terry Corso - Guitar
  • Tye Zamora - Bass
  • Mike Cosgrove - Drums

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