Grey Season is a german progressive metal musical group, establsihed 2006 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

History Edit

Founded 2006, the lineup and the sound performance permanently changed until 2009. From then, the lineup consists of Blazej Lominski (vocals), Roman Gatzka (guitar), Jan Schweigler (drums), Bodo Strauß (bass guitar) und Pascal Horn (keyboard).

in 2013, their first album Septem were released. The german label Noizgate Records paid attention to the band and so Grey Season obtained a contract as well as the re-release of Septem in 2014 In June 2015, the second album Invidia were released, but seemed to be more mass compatible compared to the first album.

Style Edit

Within the first three years the band did not meet consensus about the changing styles they played until it were fixed to progressive metal. The "progressive" part describes a number of syles that influences the metal sound, such as industrial rock, 70's classic rock, blues and some parts of the music nowadays. Tehir lyrics are mostly about critical staements to the society as well as their negative effect on environmental life.

Weblinks Edit

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