Grizzly Bear is an American indie rock band, consisting of the band members Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor, Christopher Bear. Grizzly Bear is originally from BrooklynNew York and is active as of 2004. The band has so far released four albums: Horn of Plenty (2004), Yellow House (2006), Veckatimest (2009) and Shields (2012). The sound of Grizzly Bear is often categorized under indiefolkpsychedelic and experimental rock. The band performed in 2009 among other things on Lowlandsand during the Crossing Border Festival.


[hide]*1 Albums



  • Sorry for the Delay (2006)
  • Friend (2007)


  • On a Neck, On a Spit (2006)
  • Knife (2007)
  • Live On KCRW (2009)
  • Two Weeks (2009)
  • While You Wait for the Others (2009)
  • Cheerleader (2009)
  • Sleeping Ute (2012)

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