The Hörspielcrew (recently known as HSC) are a Hip hop / Rap group from Vienna, Austria founded in 2000. The members of Hörspielcrew are P. Tah (MC), Mens Mentis (Producer), Sourcingah (MC) and Cpt Lazard (DJ). Previous members were Sarah (female vocals), ATZ (MC) and DJ Nexus (DJ).


Their lyrics are political. In the beginning their music was a mixture of Rap, Reggae, Ragga, Indie and Funk, but is now heavily influenced by the Grime and Dubstep style.


They were nominated for the Austrian AMADEUS Award as Best Alternative ACT in 2004[1] and 2010[2] and were (are) guests in different charts throughout Austria and Germany.


They released three Albums:

  • 2003 Twist im Hause Schmalspur (Sumo Beats)
  • 2006 Amokkoma (HSC Records)
  • 2010 Post (Duzz Down San Records).[3]


  1. 2004 nominated for FM4 Amadeus Award Best Alternative Act
  2. 2010 nominated for FM4 Amadeus Award
  3. HSC Post (2010) released by "Duzz Down San Records"

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