Artist: CJ Hood

Date Released: November 2006

Label: Crosswired Productions

Produced By: DJ Next, Brother McDuff, DJ Zap, funky49, Innuendo


  1. H20 Intro (Prod by. DJ Zap)
  2. Supa Rhymin' (Prod by. DJ Next)
  3. 7172570 (Prod by. Brother McDuff)
  4. Feelin' It (Prod by. DJ Zap)
  5. Recipe (Prod by. Innuendo & DJ Zap)
  6. 3 Minute Rule (Prod by. DJ Next)
  7. Bangin' (Prod by. DJ Zap)
  8. This Is My Rhyme (Run DMC Mash-up) (Prod by. DJ Zap)
  9. Baboom (Prod by. DJ Next)
  10. Passin' Time (H20 Theme) (Prod by. DJ Zap)
  11. I Ain't the One ('07 Remix) (feat. Philly Phantom) (Prod by. Funky49)
  12. Resume ('07 Remix) (feat. Sach & G. Milk) (Prod by. Funky49)


by PaddyBoy on Beastie Boys Message Board:
Intro: Lovin it, perfect guitar and scratches.
Supa Rhymin': Don't like the intro drum roll thing at all, but song improves a lot. Excellent rhymes though...gets the head nodding. "Hip-hop, the way we defined it...", cool.
7172570: def CYH-influenced! Huh! Love the Cold Crush reference too.
Feelin It: Great tune and bouncy flow...great fit.
Recipe: Ok, don't like the vocal-distort for the hook. Thought it would grow on me, but no. Prefered the original version I had.
3-Minute Rule: Excellent cover, you change it up, make it fresh and funnier. Good beat again.
Bangin': This song really grew on me. Excellent flow and rhymes. Beat is simple and nice. Two fingers to the critics huh?!
This Is My Rhyme: Love this, had it from before.
Baboom: What a fuckin' beat, best beat on the album! Who did it!
Passin' Time: A real grower, the samples mesh well for the chorus, excellent work. Just wish the vocals were higher.
I Ain't The One: An oldey but goody!
Resume: Clever song and dope dope dope c...j...h...o...o...d Strong finish.

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