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Hacked Up for Barbecue
Hacked Up for Barbecue
Studio album by Mortician
Released July 1996
Recorded February 1996
Genre Deathgrind
Length 50:29
Label Relapse Records
Producer Desmond Tolhurst
Will Rahmer
Roger Beaujard
Mortician chronology
House by the Cemetery EP
Hacked up for Barbecue
Zombie Apocalypse
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Hacked Up for Barbecue is the first full-length studio album by American deathgrind band Mortician. The album has gone out of print, and has since been reissued as a two-on-one package with the band's Zombie Apocalypse EP.[1]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Bloodcraving" (When a Stranger Calls) 5:13
2. "Embalmed Alive"   0:50
3. "Cremated"   1:34
4. "Three on a Meathook" (Three on a Meathook) 3:06
5. "Brutally Mutilated"   0:39
6. "Deranged Insanity" (Unhinged) 2:28
7. "Cannibal Feast" (Cannibal Ferox) 1:40
8. "Blown to Pieces"   0:58
9. "Fog of Death" (The Fog) 3:31
10. "Brutal Disfigurement"   1:26
11. "Apocalyptic Devastation" (The Road Warrior) 3:13
12. "Inquisition"   1:21
13. "Hacked Up for Barbecue" (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) 4:18
14. "Abolition"   0:51
15. "Necrocannibal"   3:59
16. "Ripped in Half"   0:25
17. "Morbid Butchery" (Maniac) 2:01
18. "Decapitated"   1:02
19. "Drilling for Brains" (Blood Sucking Freaks) 0:49
20. "Eaten Alive by Maggots" (Mortuary) 1:53
21. "Witches' Coven" (Suspiria) 3:19
22. "Worms"   0:53
23. "Annihilation"   1:03
24. "Mortician" (Phantasm, Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead) 3:21
Total length:


  • Recorded and mixed July 1996
  • Desmond Tolhurst and Mortician - Producers
  • Matthew F. Jacobson and William J. Yurkiewicz, Jr. - Executive Producers
  • Desmond Tolhurst - Engineer
  • Roger J. Beaujard - Assistant Engineer
  • Mastered August 1996 at M Works
  • Dave Shirk and Bill Yurkiewicz- Mastering
  • Wes Benscoter - Cover Art

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