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Song by Local H
Album Here Comes The Zoo
Released 2001 (Exteded play)
2002 (Promo Single)
Recorded 2001
Genre Alternative Rock
Length 4:11
Label Palm Pictures
Producer Jack Douglas
Here Comes The Zoo Tracklisting chronology
"Hands On The Bible"
(Track 1)
(Track 2)
"Son of "Cha"!"
(Track 3)
Half-Life is a song by rock duo Local H. It was origonally released in 2001 as an EP as a teaser for there fourth album "Here Comes The Zoo". The EP included Half Life, two cover songs ("Static Age" and "26 or 6 to 4"), and the previously unreleased song "Stick to What You Know". It was then released again as a Promotanal "Sampler & Video" which was an enhanced CD which included the "Half-Life", "26 Or 6 To 4","(Baby Wants To) Tame Me" (Track 5 from Here Comes The Zoo), and The Half-Life Music video that could be viewed on computers. It was released once more as a radio promo CD which just included "Half-Life". A video was made for the song.

Music VideoEdit

The music video for Half-Life involves the duo playing in a demolishing derby. The puppet from the Half-Life E.P.cover can be seen throughout the video, either sitting on an amp or being used by local h frontman scott Lucas. The video ends with Scott bashing his guitar and a driver crawling out of his car, high Fiving another driver and walking away.

Track ListingEdit

Half-Life E.P.

  1. Half-Life
  2. Static Age
  3. 26 Or 6 To 4
  4. Stick To What You Know

"Sampler & Video"

  1. Half-Life
  2. (Baby Wants To) Tame Me
  3. 26 Or 6 To 4
  4. Half-Life Music Video (Enhanced Section)

Promo CD

  1. Half-Life

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