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Artist: Renaldo & The Loaf

Album: The Elbow Is Taboo

Appears On (Mixes): The Opposite Of Smoke Is Egg Whites

Song Notes: This song comes from Renaldo & The Loaf's last album, The Elbow Is Taboo. On their first three albums, Renaldo & The Loaf refused to use synthesizers, making all of their sounds through tape manipulation, though on this record, they finally relented and used a keyboard… sparingly. The bulk of the sounds are still created through tape processing, they've just been joined by the keyboard and a drum machine (programmed through dice rolls). The Elbow Is Taboo is my favorite album of theirs; the first two, …Play Struve And Sneff and Songs For Swinging Larvae contain a lot of really great sounds, though they hadn't quite combined the sounds into great songs yet -- Arabic Yodelling is the first of these, though their sound had matured on Elbow. This version of "Hambu Hodo" is a little bit different than the one on the CD or the LP—I had to do a bit of surgery to it. The original had part of the outro split across sides to open the next track, "Dance For Somnambulists"; I rejoined the two sections. The lyrics aren't in a foreign language—the words are English, however, they're missing letters. The inspiration for the song was an old dilapidated sign on a building that used to serve HAMBUrgers and HOtDOgs. Renaldo Malpractice (a/k/a Brian Poole) and Ted the Loaf (a/k/a David Janssen) then wrote lyrics and applied a similar treatment to them. How many words can you hear, indeed? - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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