Artist: Fridge

Date Released: September 18, 2001

Label: Temporary Residence

Produced By:


  1. Melodica and Trombone
  2. Drum Machines and Glockenspiels
  3. Cutup Piano and Xylophone
  4. Tone Guitar and Drum Noise
  5. Five Four Child Voice
  6. Sample and Clicks
  7. Drums Bass Sonics and Edit
  8. Harmonics
  9. Long Singing


The British post-rock trio Fridge launched the careers of two amazingly innovative musicians, Kieran Hebden and Adem Ilhan. Hebden, who records under the moniker Four Tet, revolutionized the usage of exotic acoustic samples in digitally composed music almost single-handedly creating the genre folktronica or acoustica, a pigeonhole label he later dismissed. Ilhan, who releases music solely as Adem, is an earnest and inventive singer/songwriter who backs his down-to-earth voice and yearning lyrics with unconventional song structures and instrumentation. Fridge was conceived while the trio was still in high school with Hebden on guitar, Ilhan on bass and longtime friend Sam Jeffers on drums. This is their 4th full length released in 2001 that features a matured, experimental sound foreshadowing the individuals’ future careers. The song titles hint at the instrumentation used in each particular song, which would spoil some of the mystery if it didn’t reveal the creativity behind the use of each tool. An amazing album that features an hour of immensely creative music. Mpardaiolo

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