Happy Song
BMTH - Happy Song
Promotional single by Bring Me the Horizon
Album That's the Spirit
Released 12 July 2015
Recorded 2015
Genre Alternative rock, nu metal
Length 3:56
Producer Jordan Fish, Oliver Sykes

"Happy Song" is a song by British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. It was released as a promotional single from the band's fifth album, That's the Spirit.[1] The song premiered on 12 July 2015 during a BBC Radio 1 broadcast and was later uploaded to the band's official VEVO.[2] Musically, it has been described as a rock song,[3] more specifically as an alternative rock song with post-hardcore influences[4] and as a "grungy" nu metal song.[5] Eleanor Goodman of TeamRock described it as "[t]he most metal track on the album, with [a] distinctive Faith No More-influenced cheerleader chorus."[6]


The week before the release of the song, Bring Me the Horizon started teasing it had something new coming up. Members of the band went on to share numerous clues and puzzles to unlock lyrics and details of the song on social media.[7] "Happy Song" didn't enter any single charts.

The song premiered on BBC Radio 1 on 12 July 2015 and was released on iTunes the same day.[8]

It was featured as the co-theme song of NXT TakeOver: Respect.


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