Label: Hard Working Class Heroes (In Association with Bud Rising)

Produced By: Unknown.


  1. Novastone - Got to getaway for a while
  2. My Invention - Aligator Farm
  3. SuperJimenez - Helicopters
  4. A Band Called Wanda - You're So Kind
  5. Matt McGinn - Double Bed
  6. Pinky - Jack the Lad
  7. The Balducci - The Here & Now
  8. ANGEL PIER - Sprites
  9. Delorentos - Any Other Way
  10. Myp et Jeep - Enough is Enough
  11. 79Cortinaz - Deirdre's Song
  12. Pilotlight - Music to Cross The Road To
  13. Envelope - Cost of Living
  14. Story of Hair - Shoes on Fire
  15. Patrick Freyne & His Bad Intentions - Why are things so hard?
  16. Inflight Safety - Coast is Clear
  17. Jill Barber - Just for Now
  18. Mark Bragg - Plans for the boys


The 2006 compilation CD released by Hard Working Class Heroes, consists of the 18 tracks, which are the highest rated tracks by the fans. The fans can go to the website, and click on a link to listen to their favorite band(s) song, and the website has a tracker that will keep track of how many times each track is listened to, and the 18 most listened too tracks, make the album. The album is not available in stores, but it is handed out at the Hard Working Class Heroes concerts.

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