Artist: DEVO

Date Released: 1990

Label: Rykodisc

Produced By: DEVO


  1. Mechanical Man
  2. Auto Modown
  3. Space Girl Blues
  4. Social Fools
  5. Soo Bawlz
  6. Satisfaction
  7. Jocko Homo
  8. Golden Energy
  9. Buttered Beauties
  10. Midget
  11. I'm A Potato
  12. Uglatto
  13. Stop Look And Listen
  14. Ono
  15. Mongoloid


I love this disc. It's a collection of the 4-track demos from the mid-1970s when DEVO was much more Avant-Garde and abrasive. There's still a lot of the poppier side of this stuff on this disc—the really harsh stuff is on Volume 2. There's a lot of favorites that would be re-recorded as well as stuff that should have been on the full-blown albums, like "Uglatto" and "I'm A Potato". Anyway, this one is totally essential. Man, I love this stuff. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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