Artist: DEVO

Date Released: 1991

Label: Rykodisc

Produced By: DEVO


  1. Booji Boy's Funeral
  2. Can You Take It
  3. Bamboo Bimbo
  4. A Plan For U
  5. The Rope Song
  6. Goo Goo Itch
  7. Be Stiff
  8. All Of Us
  9. Baby Talkin' Bitches
  10. I Need A Chick
  11. U Got Me Bugged
  12. Chango
  13. Fraulein
  14. Dogs Of Democracy
  15. 37
  16. Bottled Up
  17. Working In A Coalmine
  18. I Been Refused
  19. Fountain Of Filth
  20. Clockout
  21. Let's Go


This is the second in the series of Hardcore discs, and the much harsher one. This one's also much longer—it almost fills up the CD, where the first one was only about 45 minutes. Anyway, though, I don't quite care for this one AS much as Hardcore DEVO Vol. 1, but it's still pretty awesome. It tends to highlight the repetetive and agit-pop aspects of early DEVO more, although there are some really great songs that would fit in really well slotted in on the first few albums. In fact, Goo Goo Itch was a potential candidate for Duty Now For The Future (though I love the song, I'm not sure if it would have fit on that record). Anyway, though, this one's pretty awesome and worth picking up. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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