Hatebreeder is the second studio album by Finnish heavy metal band Children of Bodom. In it, the band explores a classically influenced sound, as well as a dark, black metal atmosphere evidenced by fast, tremolo picked riffs, blast-beats, and Alexi using a more black metal-oriented vocal approach (Alexi had joked that Hatebreeder was "too black metal for heavy metal fans and too heavy metal for black metal fans"). It also carries some influence from power metal, in the fast riffs and complex soloing style. This record contains concert favorites such as "Silent Night, Bodom Night" and "Downfall". The keyboards show more presence on this album, with longer and more elaborate solos than in their previous work. The "Deluxe Edition" was released in 2005 with bonus material. Hatebreeder was also re-released in 2008.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Warheart" – 4:07
  2. "Silent Night, Bodom Night" – 3:12
  3. "Hatebreeder" – 4:20
  4. "Bed of Razors" – 3:56
  5. "Towards Dead End" – 4:53
  6. "Black Widow" – 3:58
  7. "Wrath Within" – 3:53
  8. "Children of Bodom" – 5:13
  9. "Downfall" – 4:33
  10. "No Commands" (Stone cover, can be found on various versions) – 4:44
  11. "Aces High" (Iron Maiden cover, only on Deluxe Edition) –4:28

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