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Hazel O'Connor (Coventry16 may 1955) is a British-Irish singer and actress. She is best known for her role as Kate in the film 'Breaking Glass'. This film also has a soundtrack, on which all songs written and sung by O'Connor.


[hide]*1 Biography



O'Connor grew up in a poor family, the daughter of an Irish skipper who had come to England to work in a car factory. At sixteen she kept the home no longer out and she ran away from home. She traveled around the world with money they earned by some chores to do. Her journey began in Amsterdam, where they of old rags clothing made and sold. Then they picked grapes in France and later on to a Japanese dance group, whereby they visited Tokyo. She did various chores for this group giving them a trip to Africa could pay and pulled through the Sahara. When O'Connor was tired of wandering she went back to Coventry, where they visited the art school.

Breaking Glass[Edit]Edit

The breakthrough came for O'Connor when she accidentally was asked to play the role of Kate in the film 'Breaking Glass'. They seemed to have the perfect appearance.The film was released in 1980 and is about a young girl who wants to be a rock star, but thereby comes into contact with the wrong people. O'Connor won with her rendition a BAFTAaward for ' best newcomer '. The film was a blockbuster in Britain and trokt large numbers of visitors. Also the soundtrack of the film, made entirely by O'Connor himself, earned her some big hits on. the numbers ' Will You? "and" Eighth Day ' came in the Top-5. The album ' Breaking Glass ' was eventually double platinum.

After Breaking Glass[Edit]Edit

The film and soundtrack were so successful that O'Connor had money and now artistic freedom to independently record an album. Also this album came out in 1980 and was called ' Sons and Lovers '. This album was also a gold mine for her and delivered as many as four Top 40 hits, including "d Days ' and ' Smile '. Her concerts were well attended and O'Connor was praised for her strong stage presence.

From 1981 to reverse the tide began for her. She released a number of albums, but who could not match the success of the first two albums.

Record company EMI O'Connor decided to drop and there followed years of legal battle over breach of contract and unpaid royalties. This legal battle took a great deal of her time and she became disappointed in the music industry. She decided the music to say goodbye and to focus on an acting career. She stood in different theatres on the shelves, mostly in London and Dublin.

To her great displeasure brachtt EMI compilations and live recordings of her still on the market, where eventually a legal battle followed.


In 1998 O'Connor considered himself strong enough to resume her music and she came with her first full-fledged studio album since 1984, "5 In The Morning". This album yielded an unexpected hit: the song ' Na Na na ' was picked up by British radio stations and in that year championed.

In 2005, her last recent album released, ' Hidden Heart '. It is also a number of duets, including the Irish folk singer Moya Brennan. In 2008 came from her album from 1984, ' Smile ', a re-issue from.

O'Connor has said goodbye today Britain and Ireland lives partly in and partly in France.



Album (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Album Top 100

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Breaking glass 1980 -
Sons and lovers 1980 -
Cover plus 1981 -
Smile 1984 -
Greatest hits 1984 - Compilation album
Alive and kicking in L.A. 1990 -
To be freed 1993 -
Over the moon...Live 1993 - Live Album
See the writing on the wall 1993 -
Private wars 1995 -
Live in Berlin 1997 - Live Album
5 In the morning 1998 -
Beyond breaking glass 2000 -
L.A. confidential-Live 2000 - Live Album
Acoustically yours 2002 -
Ignite 2002 -
A singular collection-The best of Hazel O'Connor 2003 - Compilation album
D-days 2003 -
Hidden heart 2005 -
Fighting back-Live in Brighton 2005 - Live Album
Smile 2008 2008 -
The Bluja project 2010 -
Breaking glass now 2010 -
I give you my sunshine 2011 -


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


Will you? 1981 20-06-1981 tip7 -

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
Will you? - 1126 1229 - - - - - - - 1776 1850 1986 1842 1903

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