Artist: Final Fantasy

Date Released: June 13, 2006

Label: Tomlab

Produced By:


  1. The Arctic Circle
  2. He Poos Clouds
  3. This Lamb Sells Condos
  4. If I Were A Carp
  5. -
  6. I'm Afraid Of Japan
  7. Song Song Song
  8. Many Lives - 49mp
  9. Do You Love?
  10. The Pooka Sings


Owen Pallett, aka Final Fantasy, matured his musical sensibilities as a touring sideman and string arranger for the likes of Canadain indie hype-machiines like the Hidden Cameras, Arcade Fire and Jim Guthrie. His first album, 2005’s Has a Good Home, gave Pallett the chance to let his classically inspired string arrangements be the song rather than just an accentuation and the results were promising to say the least. Master of the loop pedal, his songs really brought new light to the possibilities of orchestrational music in modern indie-rock through layers of chamber music. Pallett returns with his ensemble of strings, piano, harpsichord, percussion and voice to further develop his sound with much success. The music remains consistently appealing, and the biggest void in the last album, his individual but extremely hit-or-miss voice, is coming into its own, but not quite there yet. His effective lyrics receive a lot of attention, but the recording of his voice seems like an afterthought, missing the crisp punch that his singing sorely deserves. Certainly a step forward for Pallett, ‘He Poos Clouds’ continues to display the promise of this young man… think of the possibilities with a full-blown orchestra at his fingertips. Mpardaiolo

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