He Thinks He's Ray Stevens was Ray Stevens' twenty-first studio album and his first for MCA Records, released in 1984. The front of the album cover shows Stevens spoofing French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The track "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" is the only Top 40 single from this album, reaching No. 20 on Hot Country Singles (now Hot Country Songs) in early 1985. Stevens uses comic storytelling to frame what occurs when a young adolescent boy catches a squirrel (while visiting his grandmother inPascagoula, Mississippi), brings it into church, where several self-righteous members – all with sinful secrets to hide – are prominent members ... and the squirrel breaks loose from a box the boy has kept it in. As the squirrel wreaks havoc, several members admit to their fellow congregation members their faults, and by song's end they all make a vow to change.

"Furthermore" is a re-recording and partial rewrite of Stevens' 1962 single of the same name. "The Monkees (Theme From)" is a cover of the theme song to The Monkees but sung by Ray in broad German dialects under the guise of two fictional singers, Wolfgang and Fritzy. This album also marked the debut of "It's Me Again, Margaret," a chart single about an obscene phone caller.

The album was re-released on Cassette Tape and CD on August 15, 1992 (MCAC/MCAD-20688), titled Mississippi Squirrel Revival. The cassette featured this album's first eight tracks in a different order, whereas the CD contained all 10 of this album's songs and in the same order as on this album.


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

Side 1
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I'm Kissin' You Goodbye"   Ray Stevens 3:09
2. "It's Me Again, Margaret"   Paul Craft 3:26
3. "Mississippi Squirrel Revival"   C.W. Kalb, Jr., Carlene Kalb 3:42
4. "Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Blues on Ice, Cheap at Twice the Price Band — Ikky-Ikky, Ukky-Ukky)"   Ray Stevens 4:11
5. "Fred"   Lee Cheney 2:40
Side 2
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Erik the Awful"   C.W. Kalb, Jr., Carlene Kalb, Ray Stevens 4:35
2. "The Monkees (Theme From)"   Tommy BoyceBobby Hart 3:09
3. "Joggin'"   C.W. Kalb, Jr., Carlene Kalb 3:39
4. "Happy Hour (Is the Saddest Time of the Day)"   Mike Neun 4:05
5. "Furthermore"   Ray Stevens 2:52



  • Ray Stevens - lead vocals, background vocals (except "Furthermore"), keyboards and synthesizers (except "Furthermore" and "Ned Nostril")
  • Jerry Carrigan - drums (except "Ned Nostril")
  • Mark Casstevens - banjo, rhythm guitar
  • Steve Gibson - dobro, electric guitar
  • Sheri Huffman - background vocals
  • Stuart Keathley - bass, engineer
  • Terry McMillan - harmonica
  • Alan Moore - background vocals
  • Rodger Morris - keyboards and synthesizers
  • Nashville String Machine - string
  • Lisa Silver - fiddle, background vocals
  • James Stroud - drums
  • Wendy Suits - background vocals
  • Diane Tidwell - background vocals
  • Hurshel Wiginton - background vocals
  • Jack Williams - bass
  • Engineer: Stuart Keathley
  • Arranged & Produced by: Ray Stevens
  • Recorded at Ray Stevens Studio, Nashville, TN

Chart performance[edit]Edit


Chart (1984) Peak


U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums 3
U.S. Billboard 200 118


Year Single Peak positions
US Country CAN Country
1985 "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" 20 32
1985 "It's Me Again, Margaret" 74

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