Hear Heather Crying (Always)
Single by Sneezy Slik
Released 9/6/08
Genre Rap
Length 4:01
Label Grump House Inc.

Hear Heather Crying (Always) is a song by rapper Shelton Peniston AKA Sneezy Slik off his debut Musicial Genius. It was released on 9/6/08 and was met with a positive response.


Shelton said he got the idea for the song from a person he knew from his home city, Augusta,GA (Although he changed the name and altered the story a bit to fit the mood). The song is about a girl named Heather who is the last person you would think to become a statistic, however she meets a guy named Stan and things are going good until she gets pregnant. The song covers from the time Heather met Stan to about a decade later when the child is born. Shelton said that "This is probably the deepest thing I've ever wrote."


The song was met with somewhat mixed, but good reviews. Shelton later admitted that he wrote the song in a day, but felt inspired.


Shelton thought about expanding the story, but wouldn't know where to put it he said. He also stated "It'd feel like Eminem's "Stan" and ironically that was the antagonist in the song." As of 2009, no plans for a Hear Heather Crying 2 have been made.

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