Bootleg (Official) by Nas
Released Unreleased
Recorded 1994-2008
Genre Hip Hop
Length 35:58
Label Island Def Jam, Columbia, The Jones Experience
Producer Nas (exec.)
Nas chronology

Hellmatic is an official bootleg album by New York rapper Nas, it is unreleased and Nas confirmed it will stay unreleased as he doesn't want to release old bootlegged material as new proper album material. It leaked onto the internet forums for free download in the middle of 2008.

guest appearancesEdit

Guest Appearances are AZ, Kool G Rap, Nature, Dr. Dre & Noreaga.

Online ControversyEdit

Hellmatic for a long time since it leaked has been considered fake as it has a few songs on it that have already been released onto various albums which Nas featured on and also wasn't officially advertised ever, Nas in June 2008 confirmed it was a legit Bootleg put together by himself.

Track listingEdit

# Title Time Featured guest(s)
1 "Silent Murder" 3:20
2 "Afterlife Interlude" 0:58
3 "Funeral Parlour" 4:41 AZ, Kool G Rap
4 "When Thugs Die" 3:48
5 "My Worst Enemy" 4:08
6 "Rise And Fall" 4:04
7 "Extinct Freestyle (Jackin For Beats)" 1:58
8 "In Too Deep" 3:42 Nature
9 "Everyday Thing" 4:59 Dr. Dre, Nature
10 "Triple Threat" 4:15 Norega, Nature

Sources Edit

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