Artist: Hello (The Band)

Date Released: 1993

Label: Hello CD Of The Month Club

Produced By: Joshua Fried


  1. Sodium Mask
  2. (Since You Joined) The Corporation
  3. Town To Town
  4. Lullaby To Nightmares
  5. Hello Hello


This is one of my favorite albums of John Flansburgh ever. I've always loved Joshua Fried's remixes for They Might Be Giants, and his performance art stuff always sounded really interesting, so I was really interested to hear this EP—and it's EXCELLENT. It's basically a straight-foward dance record for the most part ("Lullaby To Nightmares" excepted), and man if it's not great. "Sodium Mask" is an instrumental introduction to the John Flansburgh-in-falsetto "(Since You Joined) The Corporation. "Town To Town" is just incredibly funky and awesome, too. "Lullaby To Nightmares" (later recorded by They Might Be Giants) is a folky number, and reportedly the only song recorded with Joshua Fried singing. "Hello Hello" was the genesis of this project (Joshua Fried had the idea that Hello should do an album of all "Hello"-related songs, so he and John Flansburgh recorded this), and it was later remixed and reissued as a Mono Puff song on Unsupervised, though I think this version is slightly better. Anyway—this release is sadly very rare, but if you can find it, it is worth the billions of dollars you'll have to pay. Unless, you know, you just find mp3s or something somewhere. But that would be wrong. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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