Artist: Laura Cantrell

Date Released: 1996/Reissued 2004

Label: Hello CD Of The Month Club / Diesel Only

Produced By: John Flansburgh


  1. Cellar Door
  2. Roll Truck Roll
  3. No Place for Me
  4. The Curse of Hook Mountain
  5. Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine


To be fair, this album isn't really listed because of the Hello EP which was reissued to stores recently (though that's definitely worth checking out, too), but just because she's one of the purveyors of exquisite alt. country. She is wonderful. Her first album, Not The Tremblin' Kind is the one I prefer, but When The Roses Bloom Again is also really strong. (She's also the person who sang on TMBG's "The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)".) - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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