Artist: Ween

Album: Pure Guava

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: I'm real tired right now, and I haven't posted an mp3 for the day, so here we go! I've always dug this track (it's not really a song in the straight definition of the word, but if that matters to you, you suck) -- it's just so goofy and quotable. Granted, the bulk of the lyrics are variations on "HEY FAT BOY! ASSHOLE! C'MERE! YOU KILLED MY MOTHER! I KILL YOU!!", but when do those words NOT come in handy, huh? It's from the album Pure Guava, which is a pretty good one, though it took me a bit of warming up to, due to the sound-quality not being the best. But it's still pretty rad, and, hey, it's got a fat boy and threats of murder! What more can you ask for?

ALSO—I'm not gonig to do it now, because I'm tired, but probably tomorrow, I'm going to go through here and provide Amazon Links to the albums from which you can buy all the tracks. At least the ones that aren't real rare or anything. They'll probably be affiliated up, so either a) You can buy them and I'll get a kickback or b) You can follow the link, add it to your wishlist, then log out and restart your browser or some such and buy the record without giving me a kickback. That's fine too. I do not expect/request/etc. the Amazonian Kickbacks, I just wanna make it so y'all can maybe actually BUY these records which I'm plugging. Because, seriously, they're all pretty damn rad albums and worth the purchase. And, hey, supporting artists is a good thing, because it lets them make more art and not wind up workin' in a gas station.

So, hooray for that! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

It is a song, by many definitions. What is it about or how or why was it written? I have no idea. But the beauty of it is that it captures the rhythm of an angry person in the pulsing beat and the shouted lyrics. The rhythm of the voice sounds like staccato accents or rhythmic punctuation to the pulsing, bulbous melody. It sounds like one freaking mad inner-city hispanic about to level someone for killing his mother. Is it high art? I don't know, but it is funny and fun to listen to. It's unique, different and inspiring, a little of arte pour l'arte. I like it.


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