Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) is the twentieth studio album by American singer Aretha Franklin. Released on June 25, 1973 by Atlantic Records, It was the first Atlantic album by Aretha to miss the Top 25 of the album chart. (It peaked at #30.) This album was originally planned to be a straight jazz album with songs like "Moody's Mood" and "Just Right Tonight", but producers Franklin and Quincy Jones took a detour and produced songs like "Mister Spain" and the title cut. Critics dismissed this album as Aretha's worst LP up until that point. The album is however considered a classic to some of Aretha's die-hard fans. A high point was the #1 R&B and Top 20 Pop single "Angel" written by Aretha's younger sister, the lateCarolyn Franklin as well as her cover of "Somewhere" which features Franklin on piano and Phil Woods on alto sax. This recording was reissued on compact disc through Rhino Records in the 1990s. The song "Master Of Eyes" was included as the 10th track on the reissue. Even though it was a single, it was not included on the first release.


 [hide*1 Track Listing

Track Listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)" (Aretha Franklin)
  2. "Somewhere" (Leonard BernsteinStephen Sondheim)
  3. "So Swell When You're Well" (James Booker, Franklin)
  4. "Angel" (Carolyn Franklin, Sonny Sanders)
  5. "Sister from Texas" (Franklin)
  6. "Mister Spain" (Carolyn Plummer)
  7. "That's The Way I Feel About Cha" (Bobby Womack)
  8. "Moody's Mood" (James Moody, Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)
  9. "Just Right Tonight" (Quincy Jones, Franklin)
  10. "Master of Eyes (The Deepness of Your Eyes)" (Aretha Franklin, Bernice Hart)


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