High Fiving MF, (Sometimes Stylized as "Hi-5 MF", "High Fiven MotherF***er, or even Hi Fiving Muthuh), was the last single from Local H second album As Good As Dead. It was released on different formats, including Compact Disc and Radio Promotonale cassette tape. The CD versions included edits of the song so it could be played on radio and the cassette included a Guided By Voices cover "Smothered In Hugs", which would later be in the icon complication "Local H: The Island Years". A video was made also.

Music VideoEdit

The video was a mix of both Black and White and Color.The video tells a story of the band going to a concert in a limozeen. Once there, they are payed on 2 dollars and play in front of a few people. By the end,they go inside a plane only to crash in the ocean. The video is a mix of footage of such in a discorded order.

Track ListingsEdit

CD Version 1

  1. High Fiving MF (Short Kinda Clean Version)
  2. High Fiving MF (Long Kinda Clean Version)
  3. High Fiving MF (Short Squeaky Clean Version)
  4. High Fiving MF (Long Squeaky Clean Version)
  5. High Fiving MF (Album Version)

CD Version 2 *

  1. High Fiving MF (Album Version)
  2. High Fiving MF (Kinda Clean)
  3. High Fiving MF (Squeaky Clean)
  • Both squeaky and kinda clean versions are short edits

Promo Cassette

  1. High Fiving MF (Album Version)
  2. Smothered In Hugs

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