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Highway 61 Revisited  [1]] is the sixth studio album by the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It was released in August 1965 by Columbia Records . It is Dylan's first album to be fully incorporated with


1965 album cover.

rock band. Dylan is at this point in his career could be called "angry young man". [source?]

The album reached the third position in the Billboard 200 Albums Charts. [2It is in third place in Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. [3]


All songs written by Bob Dylan. In parentheses is the date of the recording indicated.

Side one
Nr. Title Duration
1. "Like a Rolling Stone" (June 15, 1965) 6:09
2. Tombstone Blues (29 July 1965) 5:58
3. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (29 July 1965) 4:09
4. From a Buick 6 (30 July 1965) 3:19
5. Ballad of a Thin Man (born August 2, 1965) 5:58
Side two
Nr. Title Duration
6. Queen Jane Approximately (born August 2, 1965) 5:31
7. Highway 61 Revisited (born August 2, 1965) 3:30
8. Just Like Tom thumb's Blues (born August 2, 1965) 5:31
9. Desolation Row (August 4, 1965) 11:21
51: 26


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