Hildegard Knef ( December 28, UlmBerlin1925 - 1 February 2002) was a German actresswriter and singer. She is sometimes compared to that other German diva,Marlene Dietrich, which came out much better in America than Knef. The comparison concerns above all the type of free-spirited, confident woman. Without more, Knef as one of the most important actresses of post-war Germany.

She followed during the war years a training at the film school in Babelsberg near Berlin. There she did her first friend, a chef at the film company, with whom she had to flee for the Russians out. After the friend turned out to be arrested anyway to her great fright to be a protege of Joseph Goebbels , therefore a nazi from the higher circles.This accidental nazi connection has a shining career of Knef in the United States prevented, although they are there with her role in the Silk Stockings Broadway musicalby Cole Porter have had success.

Knefs career began in 1946 with That Mörder sind unter uns, the first post-war German film. They played the role of Suzanna Wallner, who as a survivor from a concentration camp is faced with by bombardments and fighting ruined Berlin. In 1951 caused the version of suicide and euthanasia in the film That Sünderin a scandal.

A large international film career was for Hildegard Knef, or ' Neff ', as they are called in the United States , not to play, although they have much trouble for did. They emerged in the 1960s with her smoky voice heavily especially if chanteuse; many of her lyrics she wrote itself. Later she used her writing talent for two books: the autobiographical Der geschenkte Gaul (1970), which is a critically acclaimed bestseller was, and Das Urteil (1975). In that last book she writes about cancer.

Knef, who in interviews spoke boldly about personal matters, has more than 20 years the cancer in her own body contested, was operated on 50 times, became addicted to pain-relieving drugs and medications, lay in 2001 three weeks in coma, hit by all treatments becoming more susceptible to pneumoniaand eventually died. According to own say left them in all its ill-are no self-pity, and assumed that she was only death would go if it was her time. They called this ' fate '. Between all treatments by tried to continue her work. In 1998, she recorded a CD with jazz and rock numbers and in 1990 a CD with the title 17 Millimeters.

Hildegard Knef, with an eventful life and three marriages behind it, including 1962-1976 with the actor David Cameron (1933-2012), with whom she had one daughter, Tinta, born in 1968, and from 1977 until her death with the Hungarian nobleman Paul von Schell. She died on Friday, February 1, 2002 at the age of 76 years.


British Prime Minister David Cameron is a namesake of Knefs second husband.

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