Hitler's Waxed Pubes (originally Stalin Genitalia) is a noisegrind/harsh noise band consisting of members J. Doyle and MC LoL (Legion of Lunatics). Formed in 2014, the band is signed to their own local record label, known as EarSodomy Records. So far, an EP and split tape have been released, alongside 4 studio albums, with a new album in production.


The band originated from a joke brothers J. Doyle and MC LoL made to each other about making a noise/power electronics band that had that had music so terrible and ear-grinding that only the most die-hard noise fans would like. But, of course, J. Doyle decided "Hey, I think we should do this just 'cause", and it became a reality.

Style Edit

Characterized by their screamed vocals, atonal instrumentation/techniques distorted "spoken word" mumbling, raw noise, and odd sampling, Hitler's Waxed Pubes mostly falls under the genres of grindcore, power electronics, harsh noise or "sludgenoise" (sludgy, drawn out noise tracks that rely heavily on distorted, pitch-bent and slowed-downed samples/found sound). But on their debut EP they fall much more under the genre of speedcore and noise music (as the album contains only two or three lines of vocals).


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