Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1991

Label: ESC Brand

Produced By: Conrad Uno / The Young Fresh Fellows

Tracklistings: A box-set of 5 7":

Don't Blame It On Yoko

  1. Don't Blame It On Yoko
  2. With A Big Book

Sick & Tired Of Me

  1. Sick And Tired Of Me
  2. They Raided The Joint
  3. Booze Party

Divorce #9

  1. Divorce #9
  2. Halloween 247

Two Guitars Bass And Drums

  1. Two Guitars Bass And Drums
  2. Someone I Care About


  1. Motorbroke
  2. Equator Blues


This is a limited edition box-set of 5 Young Fresh Fellows 45s—they were recording these when they were considering breaking up after Chuck Carroll left the band. Luckily, they decided to remain together, and as a result, the lineup changes across these singles. Some of them were recorded with a Chuck-less trio, some are recorded with the Kurt Bloch-era four piece, some were recorded with a Chuck Carroll-era four piece, and there's even one or two that have BOTH Kurt Bloch AND Chuck Carroll. This is really hard to find, although some of the tracks showed up on Somos Los Mejores. The songs are actually pretty cool, really, though maybe not the most essential, nor necessarily a good place for a new Young Fresh Fellows fan to start. Although, in that case, like with Beans and Tolerance, if you DO see this in a store, GET IT even if you are new to the Fellows -- if anything, I'll take it off your hands! - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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