Artist: Luke Temple

Date Released: April 12, 2005 (recorded 2004)

Label: Mill Pond/2:30 Publicity

Produced By: Troy Tietjen


  1. Someone, Somewhere
  2. Make Right with You
  3. In the End
  4. Mr. Disgrace
  5. Radiation Blues
  6. Old New York
  7. Private Shipwreck
  8. To All My Good Friends, Goodbye
  9. Get Deep, Get Close
  10. Blue Britches
  11. Only a Ghost


By the number of folk albums that have been released lately, apparently the genre is taking the place of dance-punk, which was the popular indie genre of the last few years. Because of the large number of albums, you can start to decide which falls on the quality side of the line and which falls with the imitators. Seattle’s Luke Temple seems to be tip toeing right down the center of the line. Too pop and simple to be anything amazing, but it is pretty catchy and shines a few times during the course of the album. This is the trio’s first full length after the unforeseen success of their 4-song EP throughout the north-west. They enlisted veteran producer Troy Tietjen, responsible for albums from The Shins, Daniel Johnston and Death Cab for Cutie, and came out with an album that sounds like it was produced by the man responsible by those aforementioned bands. This is a pleasant listen, but for people looking for ground-breaking, experimental folk artists, keep looking. Michael Ardaiolo

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