Creator of the Mix: BuffaloBillsFan

Initial Notes About The Mix: The Best of Ween. Since Ween is one of my favorite bands.


  1. "I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot" (The Mollusk)
  2. "Candi" (Chocolate And Cheese)
  3. "Happy Colored Marbles" (Quebec)
  4. "If You Could Save The World (You'd Save Us All)" (Quebec)
  5. "Licking The Palm For Guava" (GodWeeSatan: The Oneness)
  6. "Mister Would Please Help My Pony?" (Chocolate And Cheese)
  7. "Stroker Ace" (White Pepper)
  8. "How High Can You Fly?" (Shinola, Vol. 1)
  9. "Monique The Freak" (Shinola, Vol. 1)
  10. "Push Th' Little Daises" (Ween)
  11. "I'm Dancing In The Show Tonight" (The Mollusk)
  12. "Pork Roll Egg And Cheese" (The Pod)
  13. "I'm Waving My Dick In The Wind" (The Mollusk)
  14. "Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)" (Chocolate And Cheese)
  15. "All Of My Love" (unreleased)
  16. "Mononucleosis" (The Pod)
  17. "Flutes Of Chi" (White Pepper)
  18. "Even If You Don't (White Pepper)
  19. "Shamemaker" (La Cucaracha)
  20. "Marble Tulip Juicy Tree" (GodWeeSatan: The Oneness)
  21. "Roses Are Free" (Chocolate And Cheese)
  22. "Ocean Man" (The Mollusk)
  23. "Buckingham Green" (The Mollusk)

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