File:Holler12 200.jpg
File:"Holler" - Spice Girls

Holler begins zooming into a seemingly glass pyramid where the four girls are dancing on a square platform in a circle. Each of the four girls represents a different element. The first verse is sung by Melanie B, who represents fire as she sits in a dark room with fire roling along the floor. Melanie C is seen levitating above cracked mud inside a room with wooden walls as the floor blooms into plant life; she represents Earth. Emma Bunton is wearing a short blue dress with a white coat and is dancing in a blue room under water with reflections boucing off the walls. Finally Victoria Beckham, who embodies the element of air, is seen inside a wind tunnel playing with shiny prisms as they are blown by. All the girls are then seen together in the pyramid watching their respective male dancers on the square platform. In Melanie C's solo room, a piece of wood is changed into a white python. Finally by the end of the song, all four girls join hands and form a beam of energy which then shoots out the top of the pyramid. The girls embrace in a hug and the video ends.

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