Holocaust is a founded in 1977 by John Mortimer British metal band. It is one of the eight bands that listen to the name worldwide. John Mortimer is in 2006 the only band member that is still active. In the early 1980s came the two singles (1980), called Heavy Metal Mania and Smokin' Valves. A year later followed the legendary "The Nightcomers" album (1981), a great source of inspiration for many bands. Numbers are covered by MetallicaGamma RaySix Feet Under and many others who brought an ode to this ' Heavy Metal gods '.

The following plate came out there was a live album, Live (Hot Curry and Wine) (1983) called.

Next, the fast reverse with the status of the band. Albums like No man's Land (1984), Hypnosis of Birds (1992) and Spirits Fly (1996) ensure that the once promising band forgotten. This was followed by the concept album Covenant (1998), based on The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever, written by Stephen r. Donaldson.

Then comes The Courage To Be (2000), and in 2001 a demo Friday The 13th. The three songs on that demo appear two years later on Primal. The same year there is still a Best Of cd, listening to the name Smokin' Valves: The Anthology.

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