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Honey G (Korean: 허니지) is a South Korean male band formed in 2012. Their members consist of Bae Jae-hyun, Park Ji-yong and Kwon Tae-hyun. Honey G is currently signed to Chungchun Music.[1][2] Honey G released their first album, 1st Album on Agusut 22, 2013.[3][4][5]



Album Information Tracklist
1st Album
  • Release Date: August 22, 2013


Year Single Album
2012 "비켜줄께" Superstar K4 Top12 Part.1
"왜 그래" Superstar K4 Top10 Part.2
"오래된 친구" Superstar K4 Top10 Part.3
"Sing A Song" It's Top 12


TV seriesEdit

Date Title Role Network
2012 Superstar K4 Themself SBS


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