"Hoppípolla" is a song by the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. It comes from the album Takk.... "Hoppípolla" was released in the United Kingdom in november 2005, and re-released on May 1, 2006. [1on the single is also another version of the previously released "Hafsól". [2]


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Use in film and television[Edit]Edit

"Hoppípolla" in 2005 was recorded and mixed at Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland. Afterwards it was sent to New York City for the mastering. [3"Hoppípolla" was on cd (in digipak) and on 12-inch (with a poster) issued. A vinyl single was also produced with next to "Hoppípolla" also the song "end of an era". Of these were 3000 individually numbered copies made. [4"Hafsól" (on Von still spelled "Hafssól") was often played live by Sigur Rós. Because the song live evolved to a completely different number, there was enthusiasm among fans to the new version to record again. The band agreed and made a b-side of "Hoppípolla". [2]

"Hoppípolla" was published In december in the UK Singles Chart; It debuted at the 35th place. The week it disappeared again from the list, in order to return in april 2006 on the 75th place. Next, it remained in the Chart for ten weeks, with a 24th place as peak. [5"Hoppípolla" several times by the BBC is used as background music. It can be heard in the trailer for the documentary Planet Earth. In addition, it is also used for soccer events such as the FA Cupfinal and the World Championship (both in 2006). [5]

Music video[Edit]Edit

The music video of "Hoppípolla" was directed by Arni & Kinskithe duo. [6The video revolves around a group of elderly people who lash out in a village rascals zones . In doing so, are repeatedly shown images of the single elderly people who jump in puddles, a reference to the title (' hoppípolla ' translates to ' jump in puddles '). The video begins with a group of four elderly people who walk across a path and firecracker throw at a guy who is repairing his bike to. Also sprayed graffiti on a wall with templates, and Bell pulled at a House. The Group of older people also go to a store and steal some objects, including fruit. Then the Group prepares itself for a fight with another group of elderly. There are wooden swords made and one man makes a helmet from a colander. The two groups meet on a graveyard and run on each other, in which there also with water balloons is thrown. It is fought with swords and what pushed themselves. During a romp is going to be one of the elderly to the ground, where he sustains a bloody nose. The opposing party fear it notices and runs away, leaving the remaining elderly celebrate victory. In the video are all four Sigur Rós-members: is the boy Later However his bike to the repair is, Kjartan Sveinsson is the victim of the Bell pull, Georg Hólm is briefly seen in a garden and Jón Þór Birgisson has been working in the shop.


Cd and 12-inchEdit

  1. "Hoppípolla" – 4: 28
  2. "Með blóðnasir" – 2: 17
  3. "Hafsól"-9: 52


  1. "Hoppípolla" – 4: 28
  2. "End of an era"-4: 10



  • Sigur Rós -production, creation
    • Jón Þór Birgisson – vocals, guitar, keyboards
    • Georg Hólm – bass guitar
    • Kjartan Sveinsson – keyboards
    • However, Orri Páll-drums
  • Ken Thomas-engineering, production, mixing
  • Ted Jensen-mastering
  • Álafosskórinn-choir


Chart Positions[Edit]Edit

Country Place
UK Singles Chart (United Kingdom) 24[5]

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