Hot for Teacher was filmed at John Marshall High School, with Phil Hartman performing the voice of Waldo, the video's hero. Along with Waldo, the "kid versions" of Van Halen face the trials and tribulations of (shown in black-and-white) grade school, until the swimsuited schoolteacher arrives. In the end, the kids grow up to become gynecologists (Alex), sumo wrestlers (Mike), psychiatric hospital patients (Eddie), playboys (Waldo) and game show hosts (Dave's real-world aspiration). There are also scenes that show badly-choreographed dance moves of the rock band.

At least one teacher's union protested the song and video, calling for it to be pulled from both the radio and television, due to the songs sexually suggestive lyrics referring to sex with a teacher, and a beautiful female teacher stripping in the video, among other issues.

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