Label: Geffen

Produced By: Rob Zombie


  1. Howdy Folks
  2. Rob Zombie - House Of 1000 Corpses
  3. Saddle Up The Mule
  4. Rob Zombie - Everybody Scream
  5. Stuck In The Mud
  6. Holy Miss Moley
  7. Buck Owens - Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass?
  8. Rob Zombie - Run, Rabbit, Run
  9. Into The Pit
  10. Something For You Men
  11. Helen Kane - I Wanna Be Loved By You
  12. Rob Zombie - Pussy Liquor
  13. Scarecrow Attack
  14. My Baby Boy
  15. The Ramones - Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
  16. Investigation And The Smokehouse
  17. The Bigger The Cushion
  18. Slim Whitman - I Remember You
  19. Drive Out The Rabbit
  20. Mary's Escape
  21. Rob Zombie - Little Piggy
  22. Ain't The Only Thing Tasty
  23. Dr. Satan
  24. Rob Zombie (wtih Lionel Richie & Trina) - Brick House 2003
  25. To The House

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