Artist: John Linnell

Date Released: 1996

Label: Hello CD Of The Month Club

Produced By: John Linnell


  1. Preamble: Fernando Wood (1855-58, 1860-62)
  2. Processional 1
  3. DeWitt Clinton (1803-07, 1808-10, 1811-15)
  4. Processional 2
  5. John Purroy Mitchell (1914-17)
  6. Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?
  7. Processional 3
  8. Fiorella LaGuardia (1934-45)
  9. David Dinkins (1990-93)
  10. House Of Mayors


If you couldn't tell from the title and song titles, this is a collection of songs about various mayors of New York City. Well, "about" probably isn't the right word to use, as they're almost all instrumentals (the exceptions are "Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?, Fernando Wood -- the lyrics are a recitation from a speech he gave—and the title track). The one track that perhaps doesn't quite fit is Will You Love Me In December As You Do In May?, though the lyrics were written by James J. Walker, NYC mayor from 1926-32. Unlike State Songs, it appears that John Linnell has no intention of writing songs for all of the New York City mayors, though there is still time, and, unlike states, there's more potential for additional subjects. (Early pressings were listed as being titled Hall Of Mayors, but this is incorrect.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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