House by the Cemetery
House by the Cemetery
EP by Mortician
Released September 16th, 1994 (7" vinyl)
August 22nd, 1995 (CD)
Recorded September 16, 1994 in three hours.
Genre Death metal
Length 11:26 (1994)
24:14 (CD)
Label Relapse Records
Producer Roger J. Beaujard, Will Rahmer
Mortician chronology
Mortal Massacre
House by the Cemetery
Hacked Up for Barbecue

House by the Cemetery is an EP by Mortician. The album is named after cult director Lucio Fulci's 1981 horror film The House by the Cemetery. The album features samples from various horror movies.

Original releaseEdit

Originally, Relapse Records released House by the Cemetery only as a 7" EP on September 16, 1994. It was pressed on black vinyl, but there was a limited pressing (200 copies) on silver vinyl.[1] The vinyl version contained the following tracks:

No. Title Length
1. "Intro / Defiler of the Dead"   2:51
2. "Barbaric Cruelties"   0:56
3. "World Domination" (a misprint, as the track is "World Damnation") 2:46
4. "Driller Killer"   2:02
5. "House by the Cemetery / Outro"   2:51

House by the Cemetery was later released as a CD,[2] which contains the track listing stated below.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Intro / Defiler of the Dead" (Deranged (1974)) 2:51
2. "Barbaric Cruelties"   0:53
3. "World Domination" (Cyborg (1989)) 2:45
4. "Driller Killer" (Driller Killer (1979)) 1:59
5. "House by the Cemetery / Outro" (The House by the Cemetery (1981)) 2:53
6. "Procreation (Of the Wicked)" (Celtic Frost cover) 4:02
7. "Scum" (Napalm Death cover) 2:23
8. "Intro / Gateway to Beyond" (The Beyond (1981)) 2:00
9. "Flesh Eaters" (Cannibal Apocalypse) 1:40
10. "Noturam Demondo / Outro" (Evil Dead (1981)) 2:48
Total length:

The title for track # 3,"World Domination", is a misprint on the CD's back cover, as the title listed in the lyric sheet is "World Damnation". This becomes more evident with the final line in the lyrics - "Damnation of the earth".

Later releaseEdit

Now out-of-print, House by the Cemetery has been re-released as a two-for-one package. This newer edition includes the tracks found on the House by the Cemetery CD, as well as the tracks found on the Mortal Massacre CD.[2]


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