How About That
Eyeshine - How About That
EP by Eyeshine
Released 2006
Genre Rock
Edge Rock
Indie Rock
Length 28:03
Language English
Label Independent
Producer Johnny Yong Bosch
Maurice Salmin
Alex Orantes
Lex Lang
Lyrics Lyrics Wiki
Eyeshine chronology
How About That (2006) Red Stripes White Lights (2008)

How About That is the first EP by edge rock band Eyeshine, released in 2006.

Music VideoEdit

Eyeshine - "Sunday Flower" Music Video

Eyeshine - "Sunday Flower" Music Video

Eyeshine - "Sunday Flower" Music Video (2006)


Track Song Writer(s) Length
1 Summertime Johnny Yong Bosch 4:08
2 Need You Now Johnny Yong Bosch 4:20
3 Cellophane Heart Girl Johnny Yong Bosch 3:52
4 Not Really Good Johnny Yong Bosch 3:57
5 Drama Queen Johnny Yong Bosch 2:55
6 In My Eye Maurice Salmin, Johnny Yong Bosch 4:00
7 Selah Johnny Yong Bosch 2:00
8 Sunday Flower Johnny Yong Bosch 2:51


All information is taken from the CD.



  • Johhn F. Bosch - Executive Producer
  • Johnny Yong Bosch - Producer
  • Maurice Salmin - Producer
  • Alex Orantes - Producer
  • Lex Lang - Producer, Mixed and Mastered
  • Jesus - Co-producer
  • Eyeshine - Music
  • Lisa Petersen - Violins

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