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How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is the 11th studio album by Irish rock band U2. The cd contains the singles VertigoSometimes You Can't Make It On Your OwnAll Because Of You and Original Of The Species. On the album U2 from a musical point of view further embroiders on All That You Can't Leave behind, the previous studio album.

The album is named after a bomb that Bono himself as his father suggested, the songs on the cd were taught him to deal with the death of his father in 2001.


  1. Vertigo – 3: 13
  2. Miracle Drug – 3: 54
  3. Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own – 5: 05
  4. Love and Peace or Else "– 4: 48
  5. City of Blinding Lights – 5: 46
  6. All Because of You "– 3: 34
  7. A Man and a Woman – 4: 27
  8. Crumbs from Your Table – 4: 59
  9. One Step Closer – 3: 47
  10. Original of the Species – 4: 34
  11. Yahweh – 4: 22
  12. Fast Cars – 3: 44

Fast Cars was a bonus track, which was only available on the special editions in the United Kingdom and Japan.



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