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How to Be a Satellite
Studio album by Liam Lynch
Released August 11, 2006
Recorded  ???
Genre Alternative Rock, Comedy Rock
Length 48:55
Label 111 Productions, inc.
Producer FaKK-AsRock
Liam Lynch chronology
Fake Songs
How to Be a Satellite
Songs from Lynchland, Vol 1
How to Be a Satellite is the an album by rock musician Liam Lynch. It is his fourth solo album and his sixth album total. It had a CD release and copies was sold through his website, however it went out-of-print and is only avaible via digital download. The album was well-recieved by fans. Some tracks, such as "Gimme a Ride" and "This Town Sucks", had music videos shown on Liam's podcast Lynchland.

Track ListingEdit

All songs written and composed by Liam Lynch. 
No. Title Length
1. "Gimme a Ride"   3:01
2. "This Town Sucks"   3:04
3. "Step Out of Time"   3:10
4. "Tiptoe"   3:10
5. "The Fresh Electric"   3:24
6. "Here I Here I Am"   3:09
7. "The Border"   3:00
8. "How Long"   2:26
9. "Motavater"   2:58
10. "Crow"   2:42
11. "Club Sucker"   3:41
12. "Dear Zero"   2:52
13. "B-Side"   3:18
14. "On Waves Low and High"   4:03
15. "Legal Advice"   2:00
16. "How to Be a Satellite"   3:06
Total length:


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