Howard Jones (born John Howard Jones in SouthamptonHampshireEngland on 23 February 1955) is an English singer, musician and songwriter who is best known recommended during the years 80.

In the years he had a number of small recommended 80 hits. He also appeared in 1985 on on Live Aid. 20 years later, he was on Live 8 , however, is not present. He knew his greatest successes with the album mantaining human's Lib. After this album, there are a number of studio albums appeared, which is commercially less successful but artistically were greatly appreciated. The albums have come true for 1993 are no longer new sold in the Dutch record stores. In 2000 he appeared as a replacement for John Miles for the Night of the Proms concerts in Belgium and Netherlands. In 2006 he took one of his hits "Things Can Only Get Better" in the lingo used by Simlisch, invented the characters of the computer game The Sims.



  • Mantaining human's Lib (1984)
  • The 12 "Album (1984) (only released in Europe and Japan)
  • The 12 "Album part 2 (1985) (released in North America only)
  • Dream Into Action (1985)
  • One To One (1986)
  • Cross That Line (1988)
  • What Is Love? (1989) (European release)
  • In The Running (1991)
  • Greatest Hits (1992)
  • Working In The Back room (1993)
  • Live and Acoustic America (1994)
  • Angels and Lovers (1997) (Japanese release; contains almost all songs from the album "People" supplemented by some additional tracks)
  • People (1997) (European/American release)
  • Perform. 2000 (2002) (European release)
  • The Peaceful Tour Live (2002) (live album)
  • Revolution of the Heart (2005)
  • Live In Birkenhead with Robin Boult (2007)
  • Ordinary Heroes (2009)

Singles (selection)[Edit]Edit

  • 1983: New Song, Pearl In The Shell
  • 1984: Hide and Seek, What Is Love?, Like To Get To Know You Well
  • 1985: Life In One Day, Look Mama, Things Can Only Get Better
  • 1986: No One To Blame (with Phil Collins), All I Want, Little Bit Of Snow, You Know I Love You ... Don't You
  • 1988: The Prisoner, Everlasting Love
  • 1991: Lift Me Up, Tears To Tell
  • 1992: I.g.y. (What A Beautiful World) (a cover of a hit by Donald Fagen)
  • 1997: Let The People Have Their Say, Tomorrow Is Now
  • 2002: No One Is To Blame (new version), Everlasting Love (new version, German release)
  • 2003: Revolution of the Heart
  • 2005: Just Look At You Now
  • 2006: Building Our Own Future
  • 2009: Soon you'll Go

There are a number of unofficial singles and so called. risk been discs. That latest releases were small 45 rpm plates with interviews and special versions of HJ-tracks especially for fan club members and became after the final break-through of the compact disc no longer issued.

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