Artist: Laura Cantrell

Date Released: 2005

Label: Matador

Produced By: JD Foster


  1. 14th Street
  2. What You Said
  3. And Still
  4. Khaki & Corduroy
  5. Letters
  6. California Rose
  7. Wishful Thinking
  8. Poor Ellen Smith
  9. Bees
  10. Old Downtown


What more is there to say? This is the new Laura Cantrell record! It's a Laura Cantrell record! It's, like, by definition, awesome. You look up Laura Cantrell in the dictionary? It's gonna say "awesome". That Is All There Is To It. This is her Matador Records debut, and is slightly more poppy than her other records, but it works really well. Look, if you didn't get this the day it came out, unless you've got good reason, I'll just come out and say it—I'm disappointed in you. You can make it up to me by getting it now. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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