Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 is a music arrangement composed by Franz Liszt during the mid 1800s. The original piece was arranged for the piano, but an orchestral piece was also arranged due to the popularity of the piece.


The composition consists of two different parts, each representing a different mood. The first one, called Lassan, is to be played slowly and quietly while the second one, called Friska is to be played at a fast and lively tempo. Although the composition is written in C# minor, it slowly transitions to C# major in the second section. The Friska variant is what makes this piece extraordinary popular up to this day due to its energetic mood that made it featured in a variety of TV shows and even video games.


  • Was aired in Loony Tunes.
  • Was also featured in a similar TV show, Tom & Jerry.
  • Is featured in the Classical music station of the video game Saints Row the Third.

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