Artist: Liz Durrett

Date Released: February 22, 2005

Label: Warm

Produced By:


  1. Vine
  2. Husk
  3. Ablaze
  4. Lull
  5. Captive
  6. BC
  7. Slip
  8. Net
  9. You There


First things first, let's get name-dropping out of the way, Liz Durrett is “southern musical interpreter” Vic Chesnutt’s niece. Liz has been around for quite sometime now, just not directly under the spotlight. She has been lending her voice and musical talent to her uncle ever since 1992’s West of Rome. During her teens, it was Vic who pushed her to learn guitar and start writing songs, and now, some years later, he is helping her produce her first full length. This is a compilation of all the songs that have been collected over the years primped and polished by her uncle and his wife, Tina, along with I’m sure their financial backing. It’s a solemn album, Durrett’s soft and delicate voice waltzing over simple chord progressions and melodramatic instruments like accordions, trombones and Wurlitzers. It’s a lot more mature than you would expect from poetry derived from teenage angst, but then again she has that musical blood in her. Michael Ardaiolo

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